Carbon dioxide

We deliver throughout Germany at a fixed price with a normal delivery time of 4-5 weeks. During these times, there were repeated shortages of wood materials across the country. However, we have a well-stocked warehouse and see no signs of longer delivery times due to raw material shortages.

Reducing the carbon dioxide we continuously emit and offsetting the remaining emissions is a given. But we need to further reduce some of the emissions already in the atmosphere to repair the environment. That’s why we need to keep an eye on our emissions and footprint and continue to offset them – in our case by 200%, which means 60kg per staircase.

Treppenkonfigurator: This means that for every kilogram of carbon dioxide a chain emits in our operations, we offset at least two kilograms. We analyze all our processes – from manufacturing to transportation to all other energy costs, such as this website – and make sure we compensate twice as much.

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